#12 Embrace a DIY ethos to get fit, save $ and live #OlderFasterStronger

Please, don’t even think about using $ as an excuse to delay taking charge of your health. The cost of poor health is astronomical – spiritually, emotionally, financially — but the cost of fitness, truly, is a pair of running shoes and a creative approach. Free running and walking clubs abound. Playgrounds and park furniture can double as resistance training equipment for push ups, chin ups etc. Community gyms and public schools offer free weight-room hours and ridiculously cheap fitness classes. Run or walk around soccer fields and arenas during kids’ games. Take a bootcamp and burn the workouts into your memory. Hire a personal trainer to show you a program that you can do on your own and refresh every few months. Trade your services for fitness services. Gather together friends, pool your knowledge and design your own fitness boot camp. Tap into your workplace Employee Assistance Program — chances are there’s $$ on offer for fitness. Rent a yoga DVD from a library or take karma (aka free) classes. Skip the new outfit/shoes/makeup/dinner out and treat yourself to a fitness makeover instead. I did all this and more during my super-fit year and got super fit at saving money. Click for more tips.

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