#18 Make yourself a student of running and running will educate you for life

That’s my $5 advice. And it goes out to Nancy, who was the first to take up my challenge to pose a fitness question to me in exchange for a small donation in support of my Toronto Neighbourhood Champ ½ marathon run. Her question: How to learn to run? Nancy knows how to run, as we all do to a degree. But she takes up running and stops running a couple of times each year. So the real question is, how to stick with it? Running is more than a little like starting grade 1. We don’t start school without the structure of school and often going takes a little coercion. After a time, we go out of habit. And after a longer time, we find ourselves – like education – hungering for more as we so appreciate all that running gives us – fitness, good health, mental well being, energy, balance, zest for life and on and on. So, make yourself a student of running & see how far it takes you. If you want a fitness question answered, make a small donation, leave your question in the message to me box and I’ll answer here! The first 17 tips are free!

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