#14 Sneak in these sexy workouts to tone up and tune into your body, to live #OlderFasterStronger

A sensuous delight of getting fit is the feeling of toned muscle where flab once flowed. Overindulge in this delicious sensation: Squeeze your butt cheeks while brushing your teeth, clench your core while walking, bulge your biceps while blow drying, tighten your thighs while, oh, let your imagination run wild. Start at 15 seconds and work up to a minute or two and you’re not just tuning into your new muscles, but toning and strengthening them. Isometrics is the fancy scientific term for these stealth workouts. Take a few personal training sessions with an isometrics pro, and you can can learn how to build significant strength throughout your entire body, without weights, risk of injury or any equipment. Just remember to breathe while contracting muscles or blood pressure can climb. My trick: Track time by counting deep breaths. My advice: Avoid doing these exercises in an open office lest you look and sound too hot. Click for more hot tips.

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