Talking sex and radishes (and a little running) with author Sarah Waters

Best-selling author Sarah Waters (six books, more than a million sold) is a champion walker. She takes breaks from writing her door-stopping, historical literary page turners by exploring corners of London, England. “London is a great town for walking,” she told me during a recent video interview when the author was in Toronto to promote her latest novel, The Paying Guests. Nothing better than walking, she says, to spur on creativity.

After our interview was over, I thanked her with a copy of my running book, Older Faster Stronger. She stared at it for a moment (gasp, was she thinking I’m a shameless self promoter?) then told me that she used to be a runner. “Maybe I’ll get back to it,” she said.

Okay, I will not take credit if Sarah Waters picks up her walking pace a little. Oh, stuff that. Of course I will!

If you’re a super fan, check out the full, uncut, unabbreviated, blisters and all interview.

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  1. Ivy February 16, 2015 at 10:39 am #

    Ms Webb

    Just finished page 45 and hyperventilating at the possibilities. So far Older Faster Stronger is reading like a suspense novel for me. I cannot put the book down. I pray the end finds your dreams realized. Your dreams come true give hope to mine in my 57th year.
    Thank you
    Ivy Knight

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