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Motivational Speaker:

Numerous organizations, clubs and businesses have invited me to speak on topics related to my book Older Faster Stronger and running columns in the Globe and Mail — the extensive benefits of running and exercise for our health, stalling aging, increasing strength and life vitality.  Recently, the GoodLife Victoria Marathon flew me to the west coast to address a crowd of eager runners and sign books. Here’s what they had to say:

In a time when masters runners are flooding the races and looking for better ways to train and improve, Margaret Webb’s experiences described in her book, Older, Faster, Stronger, are timely and inspiring. She spoke at our GoodLife Victoria Marathon speaker series to a large audience and left them with the notion that all runners can go beyond what they thought possible, radically improving the quality of their lives for the long run. Basically she was great — everyone thought so! – Karen Curtin, Speaker Session Coordinator

And Runners Soul Marathon Club in Lethbridge invited me to kick off their 2016 training session: “With a diverse audience of marathon newbies and seasoned veterans, Margaret offered something for everyone. Her talk was educational but also motivational and left the audience feeling inspired to go after their running goals!” – Erin Pender, Owner Runners Soul


I write on a diverse range of topics, from running and sports to food, farming, business, profiles, personal memoir, and adventure travel.

My journalism has been nominated for and won numerous awards and my feature articles have been published in leading magazines and newspapers including Sports Illustrated Women, Report on Business Magazine, More, Canadian Geographic, Toronto Life, University of Toronto Magazine, Saturday Night, Flare, Cottage Life, enRoute, Homemakers, Equinox, Chatelaine, etc.

I have had the good fortune to be supported by a number of fellowships, including an Atkinson Foundation grant, two Canadian Institutes of Health Research grants and a residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts Literary Journalism Program. The Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts have also been hugely supportive of my nonfiction and fiction projects.

These are video interviews: 

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“Going the Distance” running columns in the Globe and Mail.

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These articles have appeared in Canadian Running:

Here’s a sampling of other features:

In 2008, my nine-part feature series, “Crisis on the Farm,” was published in the Toronto Star.

And here’s a sampling of other articles on food and farming: