#13 Find exercise that’s fun is thing everything to living #OlderFasterStronger

Bad bad bad is the attitude we have developed that exercise is not fun. The 80-plus-year-old runners I interviewed for OFS did not stick at it all these years because running is good for them. Oh, no. They were drunk on the joy of running and competing, addicted to it even. I run because I love moving fast, chatting through long runs with good friends and making new ones, being outdoors and exploring trails and cities. I revel in how it makes me feel after, brain pumped with energy and muscles deliciously spent from work. I would never walk in a rainstorm, snowstorm or vicious winds, but I will run and delight in being in those hellacious elements because it makes me feel joyously alive. But put me indoors on a track or a treadmill and I will not run. So, thing everything to fitness, is finding what you love to do – walk, kayak, cycle, dance, squash, soccer, whatever – and indulge. Slurp it up, reveal in it, spoil yourself crazy with the fun! Click for more tips.




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