Check out these running podcasts on your next run

I may be the lone bizarre runner who really detests listening to music on a run. It messes with my pace & my mind. One song might get me in a groove while another kicks me out. And I really don’t have time or inclination to keep putting together perfect play lists.

But listening to a podcast during a solo run is like having a smart, articulate pal along to keep me company. I love NPR (This American Life), CBC (Q, Sunday Edition, Big Ideas and more) and now, thanks to being interviewed on many for OFS, I have discovered running podcasts.

It’s great fun on the run to listen to running commentary from athletes, medicine doctors, philosophers of the sport & authors.

So I’m sharing a few of my favs here. Okay, I’ve linked to some interviews with me but you can go to their site and subscribe to get all their episodes! You’ll learn, get inspired & have more than a few laughs with fellow running enthusiasts from across North America.

The Running Lifestyle:

Another Mother Runner


Running Academy: (my interview TK)

Runners Connect:



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  1. Kerrie May 19, 2015 at 2:41 pm #

    You should also check out Talk Ultra hosted by Ian Corless. His podcasts are hours long and very interesting. Perfect for long runs! (PS: Loving your book! In particular, I am using your tip about “do I want to carry this for 26.2 miles” when it comes to sticking to my healthy diet. Thanks!)

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