The fix for achy cranky stiff body? #activitystreak

There is a one word answer: Yoga.

Why do I let my daily yoga practice slide? It just takes 10 minutes (or less) to do a mini practice at home and after my body (and soul) feels incredible.

To repeat wise words from the world’s oldest yoga teacher featured in Older Faster Stronger, Ida Hebert, “Yoga is good for three things: strength, stretching, and your spirit.” Another of Ida’s quotes sticks in my mind: “There’s a difference between being happy doing something and finding happiness in doing something.” She strives to find happiness in doing whatever she’s doing, whether chores or play or exercise.

And to borrow my own words from OFS: “Yoga is the yin to running’s yang. Running exhausts while yoga recharges energy. Running tightens. Yoga loosens. Running exhilarates and pounds. Yoga soothes aching muscles. Running works a few muscles hard. Yoga works all muscles softly. Running drives forward in a headlong rush, providing an amazing cardio workout. Yoga glides in multiple directions, building muscle strength, flexibility, functional strength. Running breathes in a huffing rush. Yoga breathes with control.”

And so yesterday, to renew my commitment to yoga (and give myself a serious dose of my own advice), I trotted 2.5 k to a yoga studio and enjoyed a delicious hour of my body in healing motion. Today, I feel younger, stronger.

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  1. Chris April 3, 2016 at 3:04 pm #

    Currently reading OFS, getting a lot of great pointers; including incorporating yoga into your workout routine for flexibility and injury prevention. Could you outline your daily 10 minute yoga mini practice? Thanks in advance.

    • Margaret April 3, 2016 at 4:19 pm #

      Hi Chris — check out Christine Felsted’s Yoga for Runners. She has many different daily routines for runners, depending on what part of body needs attention. I do sun salutations to warm up, forward bends, down dog, lunges, warrior poses, planks and side planks — nothing too unusual. But I use Christine’s routine to mix it up. Good luck and thanks for writing!!

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