KATHRINE SWITZER, first woman to officially run the Boston Marathon and author of Marathon Woman

Where does the running life take you? In this compulsively readable and inspiring account of her own journey to get stronger, faster, and happier after 50, Margaret Webb throws herself headlong into adventure, taking us on marvelous runs with trailblazing pioneers of women’s running and deep into the science of how to live strong into our 80s and 90s. Older, Faster, Stronger is like that motivating running buddy you want by your side for the long run of your life.

AMBY BURFOOT, editor-at-large, Runner’s World

Facing 50, Margaret Webb wondered if she could get younger—or at least leaner, fitter, stronger, and healthier. She succeeded, thanks to a fierce will and visits with some of North America’s top exercise scientists and runners. Her tale is absorbing, and the lessons she learned are useful to us all.

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Can You Get Fitter at 50 Than You’ve Ever Been in Your Life? 

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Like many people, Margaret Webb viewed her upcoming 50th birthday with trepidation.

“More like sheer terror,” she said. “I wanted to have the athleticism of a 20- or 40-year-old but with the wisdom of 50-year-old.”

Struggling with a mild case of mid-life crisis, challenged by her sister and inspired by her 83-year old mother, she decided to tackle the issue head-on and seriously step up her fitness program. For more:


Webb begins this stirring fitness memoir by telling the reader that she had an epiphany when she turned 50: “I wanted to enter the second act of my life in the best shape of my life, even fitter than I was as a 20-year-old varsity athlete.” Immersing herself in research, she soon discovered that many obstacles await an older female runner: reduced lung capacity, bone density, estrogen levels, and muscle mass and a heightened risk of injury. Webb soldiered on, hitting her age group’s qualifying standard for the Boston Marathon on her second try. Encouraged, she began training in earnest, despite entering the early stages of menopause in the meantime. She learned many lessons in the process—particularly that there are more ways to measure fitness than running times. Webb, inspired by many of the people she met (especially Olga Kotelko, a 94-year-old who took up running at age 77 and has since won over 700 gold medals), finished her journey with the World Masters Games in Turin, Italy. Those who may have put off exercise thinking they’re too old or out of shape will likely find themselves lacing up their running shoes after reading this informative and inspiring tale.

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