Virtual/Video/Viral? launch of Older Faster Stronger

Check here over the next week for the video virtual launch  (and you can make it viral!) of Older Faster Stronger. A fantastic panel of women discuss — guess what — How Running Makes Us Stronger Faster Younger & Powerful!

First up, video highlights of the launch at Hart House, University of Toronto with a packed room of runners and readers. The room was abuzz with energy! Thank you all for coming out. And thank you for sharing links to this great discussion.

Over the next week, I’ll post the following:

  • Kirsten Bedard on eating for performance (Dec 4)
  • Professor Catherine Sabiston on running for brain health (Dec 5)
  • Karla Del Grande on how she became the fastest 60-year-old woman on the planet (Dec 8)
  • Olympic marathon great Silvia Ruegger on how running makes us powerful, gutsy, courageous! (Dec 9)

Hope you enjoy these inspiring women talk about all the ways running makes us strong.


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